Keeping safe and cutting plastic


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Information to help Hotels to Reduce Plastic during COVID-19
Four page A4 booklet. Find out how long the virus lasts on different surfaces, and how to keep safe without buying huge amounts of single-use plastic.
Print and display for staff.
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Don’t forget there are several benefits to reusable masks

– Reusable face masks are just as safe if washed in between uses  

– Greatly reduce your consumption of single-use plastic 

– Save money on buying supplies of disposable masks 

– Feature your logo on masks to increase brand awareness 

Staff are not required by law to wear plastic gloves. Please think twice before using gloves, as they can provide a false sense of reassurance about hygiene. Regular hand-washing is safer, particularly as the virus remains viable for longer on plastic surfaces. 

Don’t forget to provide hand sanitiser in large, refillable dispensers where possible, to reduce the amount of plastic bottles you need to recycle. 

How many hours does Covid-19 last on different materials?




Stainless Steel




Still air