Become a Sponsor of the Beachfluencer Initiative

If you would like to sponsor the Beachfluencer Initiative, please contact:                    

Antje Papageorgiou

This initiative is based on volunteers and kind sponsorships for the necessary equipment and the relevant communication campaigns

    • A branded Beachfluencer T-shirt with the logo of the projects and a QR code linking to the relevant section on our website (including the logo of our sponsor)
    • A branded Beachfluencer water bottle (including the logo of our sponsor)
    • A branded Beachfluencer cap (including the logo of our sponsor)
    • A net to pick up the waste
    • A set of reusable gloves

All the sponsors will be promoted through the initiative’s communications and the logo of the sponsors will appear on the Beachfluencer T-shirt, water bottle & cap.   

The objective is to create a network of ‘KOSSPF Beachfluencers’ with a presence on a number of beaches. This way we can raise more awareness about issues like marine pollution as well as focusing on plastic waste. And where we create awareness, we create social responsibility, and everyone can be part of the change.

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