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Keep our sand and sea plastic free

We are bringing together tourists, tourism businesses and residents to cut consumption of single-use plastic in coastal regions.

The project involves providing specialist training to hotels and tourism businesses to change procurement practices and staff behaviours, as well as raising awareness among local residents and tourists.


  • Protect the beautiful coastal environment on which tourism depends
  • Compliance with EU regulations that ban several single-use plastic items
  • Save money by reducing procurement of unnecessary plastics and avoiding disposal of waste
  • Build a green reputation for hotels and businesses in the coastal regions of Cyprus
  • Raise your profile through publicity associated with the campaign, and feature on the partners web page

    what does it involve?

    Public sector organisations

    Help communicate the campaign to local residents, for instance by including information in newsletters, utilities bills and at public events.

    hotels and tourism businesses

    Use a toolkit which will help you reduce procurement of single use plastics. It will offer guidance on changing operational practices and communicating with guests

    Use the campaign materials to educate tourists on why we are trying to go plastic-free (and thereby reduce demand for plastic items in your hotel, bar or restaurant).

    We will support you to train staff on best practices – eg not using plastic bags for laundry, creating water refill stations, not using plastic straws and so on.

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