Sponsor a “Plastic Free Beach”

The “Plastic Free Beach” idea is to organise a beach that encourages and facilitates its visitors to avoid the use of single-use plastic during their stay at the beach. The aim is to sensitize the visitors of the beach to reduce the use of single-use plastic by being a part of the solution and not the problem.

If you like this idea & would like to sponsor a “Plastic Free Beach”, please contact:

Panagiota Koutsofta

This initiative is based on volunteers and kind sponsorships for the necessary facilities and the relevant communication campaigns. All the sponsors will be promoted through the initiative’s communications and the logo of the sponsors will appear on signage as specified below. 

Sponsorships are needed to cover the following:

       Water Station 

       Installation of 1 water station at the beach to provide access for the public to free, cold and filtered water. The water station will have a water meter to measure the water used to estimate how many plastic bottles are saved by the station. The logos of the sponsors are on the water station for promotional reasons. 


       Info and Concept Signs  

Installation of 2 signs at the beach, the first one is the info sign and the second the concept sign. The two signs are the same for all the “Plastic Free Beaches” and follow the branding of the “Plastic Free Beach”. The info sign has information on how the visitors can be a part of the solution and not the problem, also the logos of the sponsors are on it for promotional reasons. The concept sign is an eye-catching welcome sign to the beach to get the attention of the visitors to learn more about the concept. 


      Smoking area 

Since cigarette butts are the most common litter collected from beaches worldwide, it is vital to act for the reduction of the pollution from cigarette butts. The installation of a smoking area is an effective way to cut down on the amount of cigarette butts found on the beach and in the sand. The smoking area consists of an upcycled bench created from 34 kgs of used plastic with space for planting local plants suitable for the beach, 2 ashtrays made of 13kg of used plastic each, an umbrella for shade, and a sign to indicate that it is a smoking area. From previous experience, we found that this solution works well, since smokers are likely to socialise while smoking and can at the same time park their butts responsibly. 


       Aris – Mascot of the Plastic Free Beach 

Aris is the mascot for all the “Plastic Free Beaches”. According to Greek mythology, Aris was the god of war. So, Aris is our mascot for our fight against plastic pollution in our seas. We use Aris in awareness campaigns to get the attention of the beach visitors. Aris also carries the logos of the sponsors proudly to promote them. 


       Station for used plastic beach toys 

Installation of a station for the plastic toys that remain at the beach. This station can be used as a sharing point so kids can borrow toys and bring them back when finished. Also, the station will have a sign to identify that this area is for the left-over toys, and that one can freely borrow them and return them later. 


       Upcycled Artwork  

Installation at the beach of an upcycled artwork usually created by students out of plastic. The artwork will take the role to sensitise the visitors of the beach about the burning issue of plastic pollution. The used plastic will be collected from clean-up campaigns organised by the Project. 


       Beach Umbrella Signs

      Eye-catching beach umbrella signs that come in two designs are to be attached to the beach umbrellas of the “Plastic Free Beach”. The idea is to catch the attention of the beach visitors and inform them that something different is happening at this beach. The signs will have a QR-code that will be linked to the specific beach on the Project’s website. The sponsor’s logo will be featured on the website along with tips on how the visitors can be part of the solution – as the solution is in our hands!     


     Awareness campaign 

      Organise an awareness campaign to sensitise the public about the burning issue of plastic pollution. During this campaign, a beach clean-up will be organised, following the European protocol for beach clean-ups measuring the collected waste. This action is to be repeated at least 2 times per year in all the “Plastic Free Beaches” to evaluate the implemented actions for reduction of plastic pollution. The first beach clean-up must be organized before the facilities are installed and the second clean-up must be organized after the installation of the facilities. There are various options for the opening event of the “Plastic Free Beach”, such as a live link informing and engaging the public and giving branded “Plastic Free Beach” reusable water bottles as gifts.   


       Training to the nearby businesses

Organise training for the nearby businesses to ensure they understand the environmental, economic and social consequences of the uncontrolled use of plastic. As a result of this training, each business will have an action plan with the steps to follow to actively reduce plastic used in their business.


The “Plastic Free Beach” concept is an idea of the “Keep Our Sand and Sea Plastic Free, Destination Zero Plastic in Cyprus” Project. The Project aims to bring together tourists, tourism businesses and residents to cut consumption of single-use plastic in coastal regions so that less plastic ends up in the sea reducing plastic pollution. It is an initiative of the TUI Care Foundation in partnership with the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI).

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