Απονομή Σήματος Διάκρισης «Παραλία Χωρίς Πλαστικά» στην παραλία «Γιαννάδες» της Βορόκληνης

The event is organised by the “Keep our Sand and Sea Plastic Free’ project to celebrate the launch of the 1st Plastic Free Beach in Larnaka, which is the 3rd Plastic Free Beach of the project.

The “Plastic Free Beach” initiative facilitates and encourages beach visitors to avoid single-use plastic, so that plastic pollution is reduced, especially in our seas. This Plastic Free Beach is sponsored by IUCN with a donation from the Didier and Martine Primat Foundation.
The event is organised with the support of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the Community Council of Voroklini, and the Larnaka Tourism Board.

Please register for the event via the following link: https://forms.gle/L1fbucibSEcWUkhk6

Please find the link of the agenda below:

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